7/7 London Bombings
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July 7 London Bombings 2005

Welcome to july7.co.uk – a simple introduction into what really happened in the July 7 London Bombings.

I’ve created this website as there seems to be so few sites out there that talk about the July 7 London Bombings. Is that simply because we already know what happened? Clearly not. Try our July 7 London Bombings Quiz and you’ll soon discover many aspects of the official story about 7/7 that clearly don’t add up, along with some glaring omissions.

Why care… 7/7 happened almost a decade ago, right? The misconceptions about the July 7 London Bombings added fuel to our ‘war on terror’ – that is, a sequence of foreign invasions that have killed, and are still killing, thousands of innocent people.

This website sticks to the facts about the July 7 London Bombings – but not facts that you are likely to come across on the BBC or the rest of the mainstream media.

The main feature of this website is the quiz. I created it to provide an easy introduction into the subject of the July 7 London Bombings. (It took me hours, so please at least try it!)

There’s also a resources page which contains a selection of websites, videos, books and articles. It’s there if you want to look into the July 7 London Bombings in more depth.

This is only a small website, and that’s the idea – keeping it small and simple. However, if you have ideas for new content or just want me to link to your content (e.g., website, video, etc.) then please contact me so I can add it to my blog.

The motivation for this website is truth and justice. We, as a nation, are enabling such aggression and unjust around the world simply through our ignorance or apathy.

Please help to get the truth out by sharing the July 7 London Bombings Quiz – july7.co.uk/quiz .