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7/7 Truth

Welcome to july7.co.uk – a simple introduction into the 7/7 truth about the London Bombings.

I’ve created this site because there seems to be so few 7/7 truth sites around.

The idea of this site is to just keep it plain, brief and simple as an effective way to introduce people to the subject. In particular, I’ve created the quiz as an easy-to-grasp means of learning about what’s so wrong with the official account of what happened on 7/7.

Please share the quiz on facebook, twitter, email, text message, etc. – july7.co.uk/quiz .

Also on this site, you’ll find a resources page. These are some of the better stuff I’ve come across – websites, videos, books, etc. If you think I’ve missed anything out, then please contact me and I will see to it!

The motivation behind creating this site is because I am disgusted with the UK’s foreign policy. I’m equally disgusted with our mainstream media – possibly more so. The hatred they succeed in stirring up against Muslims seems quite evil. And the fact that we as a nation allow our government to send our troops out their to kill thousands of innocent people just seems unreal.

The good news is that people are gradually waking up. We can all do something to bring about change.

And that’s the reason for this site. What sort of person would we be if, having learned what was going on, we just walked on by?

Enjoy the site anyway. I know it isn’t much, but help get the 7/7 truth out by sharing july7.co.uk .

Equally, if you have any ideas for new content – e.g., websites, blogs, videos, articles, etc. – then please contact me so I can mention you in my blog.

7/7 truth and justice.