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7/7 Bombings of 2005

Welcome to july7.co.uk – a simple introduction into what really happened in the 7/7 Bombings of 2005.

There don’t seem to be many websites around that present the lesser-known facts about the 7/7 Bombings of 2005, so I decided to give it a go.

I created this website after many hours of research into the 7/7 Bombings. Most people don’t want to spend so long researching so I decided to create the 7/7 Bombings Quiz. It’s an excellent way to get introduced to the subject and spread the word, so please give it a try and share it around!

This isn’t a massive website. It’s too easy to get information overload, so I’ve just taken what I think are the most concerning aspects of the official narrative about the 7/7 Bombings and presented them here in an easy-to-digest way.

If you want to look into things further, then check out the resources page where you’ll find links to one or two videos, books and articles.

There’s also a what you can do page, for those that are concerned about the official take on the 7/7 Bombings. Whilst the 7/7 Bombings did happen almost a decade ago, it is still being used to shape our foreign policy which is still causing the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians.

If you have any ideas for the site – whether it’s improvements, new features, etc. – then please contact me.

I’ll be keeping a blog as well, so if you have any quality websites or videos relating to the 7/7 Bombings then please contact me with the details so I can give them a mention in my blog and maybe on the resources page.

Please share this website – in particularly the quiz as it took me hours!…