7/7 Conspiracy Theory
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7/7 Conspiracy Theory

Welcome to july7.co.uk – a simple introduction into the 7/7 conspiracy theory about the London Bombings.

I first became concerned about the official story of the London Bombings when I watched 7/7 Ripple Effect a couple of years ago. Up until that point, I presumed the mainstream media had taught me all I needed to know about the bombings… How wrong can you be?!

The Ripple Effect did seem a bit too rich in 7/7 conspiracy theories, but that should obviously not detract from the eye-opening information that it provides.

I soon came across the BBC 7/7 Conspiracy Files / Road Trip material attempting to debunk the 7/7 conspiracy theories. If anything, it bolstered my belief in them and only succeeded in providing yet another reason not to trust the BBC and not fund them.

Next up, I read Dr Rory Ridley-Duff’s paper comparing Ripple Effect’s 7/7 conspiracy theory with the government’s 7/7 conspiracy theory. It was very well done and very interesting.

Finally, I read Nick Kollerstrom’s Terror on the Tube book. And that gave me enough information to fill the blanks in. Again, Nick’s book does seem to jump towards conspiracies maybe a bit too often on some of the more minor points, but it is an excellent resource. And it’s also quite well-rounded, providing a thorough look at Mohammad Sidique Khan which really got me thinking.

Enjoy this site. The main feature is the quiz, so please give that a try. I created it as an easy, alluring way to get people onto the topic, so please share it as much as you can.

It seems the UK are gradually waking up to what is really going on with more and more people demanding justice.

Spread the truth.